Vaa afrika literally translated in Swahili as "Wear Afrika", is a launch of everything Afrika, incorporating fashion, jewelry and art. It celebrates, Afrikan heritage, Afrikan culture and the rich roots of Afrika representing the Afrikan people through the introduction of Afrikan fashion for women and men.

Vaa Afrika is set to redefine the outlook of Afrikan culture in Dubai, with a vision of introducing Afrikan fashion, flavor and ideas by incorporating the young generation’s vision of style with the older generation's traditional wear. 


Introducing fashion with a splash of colors, highlighting the landscapes of Afrika and the outlook of growing up in Afrika. From the women in villages, to the ladies in “matatus” to the young inspirational youth, Vaa Afrika is a celebration of the peoples of Afrika.


Vaa-Afika offers the best of Afrikan lifestyle at your door step, it is a multi-designer online store in Dubai that hand-picks collections of designers from across Afrika

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