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Vaa-Afika offers the best of Afrikan lifestyle at your door step, it is a multi-designer online store in Dubai that hand-picks collections of designers from across Afrika, The pieces are carefully chosen from all corners of Afrika aiming to bring together a collection of unique and artistic pieces exclusively through Vaa Afrika. 


As the brain-child of the founder who resides in Dubai and hails from Kenya, Vaa Afrika is the go to store when it comes to contemporary fashion and art from Afrika.

Vaa Afrika seeks to reach out to local Afrikan designers, who would like to sell their products to the market in Dubai.


Vaa Afrika seeks to source fashion garments, Jewelry and art work that have consistency in production, good quality and have ethical Traceability.  


Brands that are highly required by Vaa Afrika must uphold at least two of the following pillars below:

Products and brands that pushes for the use of environmentally friendly materials. 

Brands that have clear traces and provide apparent information on how their products are manufactured and sourced.


Brands that celebrate African heritage and are manufactured and produced in any country within Afrika.

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